6 Registered Breeding Age Rams
(Guaranteed fertile)
1 Yearling Ram-$1,800
3 Yearling Rams- $1,400 each
1 Yearling Ram-$900
“3 Year Old” Ram-$900

6 Registered Spring Rams  –  $1,400 each

9 Commercial Spring Ewes
$275 each (all or none for ewes)

2 Commercial Rams
$500 each

Cherry Mountain Dorpers Philosophy

Since 2004 - Raising quality Registered and Commercial Sheep

Since its inception, the focus of Cherry Mountain Dorpers has been to produce sheep that will raise superior offspring. Dorpers were developed to be a hardy, easy keeping breed of sheep that can endure various climates and range conditions.  Although many of Cherry Mountain Dorpers lambs have done very well in show rings, the main focus of the ranch is to produce and sell sheep that align with breed standards. Cherry Mountain Dorpers maintains such focus by managing a breeding program that produces sheep that are hardy, productive, good mothers, and appealing to the eye.


Cherry Mountain Dorpers has always believed in quality over quantity so they have kept sheep numbers at a manageable rate in order to ensure a high quality product.

Vince – 830 992 5703,

Dalen – 210 859 7728,

Dalen’s Email –

Registered Dorpers
Rams and Ewes for Breeder Stock
Commercial Dorper Sheep
High Yield in a Minimum Amount of Time
About The Ranch
A Long History in Fredericksburg Texas




High Quality Dorper Genetics Since 2004

Registered Dorper Breeding Stock

12 Years of Quality Genetics

Cherry Mountain Dorpers started its flock by selecting the very best ewes around the nation and breeding them to the 2007 National Champion Dorper Ram from Riverwood Farms in Ohio.  The great #4333 ram laid the foundation for Cherry Mountain Dorpers to become a top producer of superb Dorper sheep.  Furthermore, most recently Cherry Mountain Dorpers has introduced more top producing genetics from Powel Ranch, located in Eldorado, TX.


So, if you are looking for registered rams or ewes, Cherry Mountain Dorpers is available to help.  Due to the fact sheep sell fast, if Cherry Mountain Dorpers does not have something for your program when you need it, they are always eager to help put you in contact with someone who may have what you need.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Building Customer Relationships and Friends Since 2004

Commercial Dorpers - Contact for Availability

Hardy, High Yield, High Reproduction

Raising top notch commercial sheep is something Cherry Mountain Dorpers values. Cherry Mountain Dorpers selects breeding sheep for the commercial flock that can thrive in harsh conditions and still produce superior offspring. The lambs are weaned at 60 days so the ewes can get ready for another round of producing high quality lambs.

All the commercial ewes at the ranch are bred to a registered ram to help ensure the highest of quality. Although Cherry Mountain Dorpers is proud of the registered flock it maintains, the real value for the buyer is found within the commercial flock. If you are looking for great rams or ewes to put on your ranch or small acreage, give Cherry Mountain Dorpers a call today for pricing and inventory.

Why We Choose the Dorper Breed

Quick Reproduction
Ewes Breed Year Round

Under good forage conditions and with good management the Dorper ewe can lamb three times in two years. A lambing percentage of 150% can be reached under good conditions while in exceptional cases even 180% can be attained.

A Hardy Breed
Dorpers are a Non-Selective Feeder

The Dorper is a nonselective feeder, browsing like a goat and grazing like a sheep. The maternal influence is a desert sheep that has thrived and reproduced under harsh conditions for centuries.

Higher Yields
Higher Yields of a Lean Quality Meat

With decent conditions these Dorper lambs grow quickly, producing a muscular, lean carcass in 12-14 weeks. Profitability can return to an operation that concentrates its efforts where the money is… maximum pounds of lamb in a minimum amount of time.

The Ranch - Family owned for over 130 Years

Fredericksburg, Texas

Cherry Mountain Dorpers is located in the heart of sheep country, Fredericksburg, Tx.  The 450 acre ranch has been in the family for over five generations and is still going strong.  The family invites you to call any time to check availability and pricing.

Always on the move
The Night Shift
Watching over the lambs
The Day Shift
Keeping everything in line

2017 Cherry Mountain Dorpers Price List

Registered Dorpers

Registered Rams Starting At: $1,000

Registered Ewes Starting At: $1,400

Commercial Dorpers

Commercial Rams Starting At: $500

Commercial Ewes Starting At: $250

Dorper Show Lambs

Show Lambs Starting At: $500

Contact Cherry Mountain Dorpers

Vince or Dalen look forward to hearing from you


Vince – 830 992 5703,

Dalen – 210 859 7728,

Dalen’s Email –


510 Farmhouse Road
Fredericksburg TX, 78624